Sunday, January 25, 2009

Perfect weather for a... BBQ?!

Really?! Really Josh? Something just doesn't seem right about this. Maybe it's the steam coming off of the grill, or the snow pouring from the black sky (see the picture of Josh and the kids), or the foot of snow on the ground, or the fact that it's 10 degrees outside. Maybe it's all of them!
Josh is so funny. Here I am thinking that we're going to cook the steaks on the George Foreman (you know, inside), but Josh had other plans. Which, I guess, included starting up the grill outside. You know, the one that is normally reserved for the summer time? Yes, that grill. Who would've thought?! Certainly not me. When I questioned Josh about it, he thought I was stupid for thinking we weren't going to use it. And do you see that he is outside, in the snow, in shorts and a t-shirt!? Holy cow, and he thinks I'm weird.


leslie mae said...

There's a true Idaho boy for ya!!!

grammaDawn said...

You know they grow 'em different in Idaho. I mean really, the kid fishes in ice.