Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love it when the TV's off...

because then magic happens. Ok, not magic really, it just feels that way. I've started turning off the tv during the days now. I used to let my kiddies watch tv during the day - not that they always sat and watched. It was background noise really. Anyways, now I let Alli and Blake watch about 30 min. to an hour in the morning, while I'm making breakfast, and that's it! Then they have to find ways to entertain themselves throughout the rest of the day. It's great. I love hearing Alli and Blake play and laugh together. This morning they were wrestling and playing "tag". When things quieted down, I went looking for them, and this is how I found them. Playing "Farm" together. Mainly Alli was playing, Blake was watching, and trying to get a hand on this - but bossy Alli wasn't having it. Regardless, it was so cute, I had to snap a candid of it. Sometimes, my little monsters suprise me. They morph into angels every once and a while. ;)

P.S. Blake wasn't naked all morning. We had German Pancakes for breakfast and he got syrup EVERYWHERE! I had to strip him down in order to keep my house relatively, somewhat, close to clean. It's bad enough without a one year old covered in syrup running around.

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grammaDawn said...

Cute, isn't it fun watching them when they don't know. You need to set up a camcorder sometime, and don't let them know.