Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy (belated) New Year!!!

I know, I know... it's a few days past the new year, but I've been sick. So sue me. ;) No really, don't. It's not worth it... you'd pay more in lawyers' fees then you'd make from me. Seriously! :) Anyways... our family rang in the new year with our bestest of friends (in no particular order): the Torman's and the Hieb's. Kacey and Nick were so kind as to let us all congregate at their home to celebrate, and we had a blast! We played games, ate great food, and formed a band for Rock Band! Yeah, we jammed. It was fun. And the "band" even got me to sing a couple of tunes, on the mic... and even though I sucked it up, I have to admit it was fun! ;) The kids enjoyed eachothers company and played late into the evening, letting us "grown-ups" have our fun. It was great! Our family is so lucky to have such great friends!

In the picture, you can see that we had a blast! I'm on the drums (I didn't do too bad) and occasionally I rocked out my drum stick as a mic, Justin was on the guitar, Suze was vocals, and Nick was bass. I think. (By the look on Justin's face I would guess that he had guitar, but I could be wrong - shocking I know, but sometimes that happens). Josh and Kacey sat this round out. Josh had been playing and gave up a turn to be nice. Even grown-ups have to share sometimes. And Kacey was our photographer for the event. Fun times.


grammaDawn said...

You are all so into it, looks like everyone is having a blast. Kacey is smart making Josh drink from a sippie cup. Leave it to Neen to notice that:-)

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a BLAST! We have Rock Band as well and if you're not careful, you'll feel like you've been playing for only an hour...but one hour turns into 10 hours. I played the drums for so long that I had blisters on my hands. I know....I'm a retard! :D

Happy New Year!!!!!