Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafty Little Me

Fun, huh!? I made this card thanking Me Rah Koh and her husband Brian, for choosing me to come to their workshop last December. I had an extra button from the workshop so that's what I used as a center for one of the flowers. I think that this is probably one of the more elaborate cards I've ever done. Usually I'm a pretty simple girl and do more basic decorating... but I LOVED the paper and wanted to use lots of it. So, I did. What do you think, honestly!?


Stephanie said...

Cute card! You know me.....I'm a sucker for homemade crafted cards. They seem more personal and sincere!

neenerneener said...

WAYYYYYYY cute card! I love it! And they will love it too! Hey, speaking of crafty...I'm making curtains for my new house! Are you not soooooo proud of me? You should be! I'll have to send pictures when I finish them, I only have fabric for one window of course....but the rest will come together....EVENTUALLY.Hey speaking of houses...bring your kids to my house so they can play in my yard! hehehehe....I have a yard now...and i have a deck like i'm stealing your idea and am going to put my gazelle on it in the spring/summer....come see my house!

grammaDawn said...

How cute is that! You always do such nice work, elebrate or simple. I'm sure you are the only one that has sent them a thank-you, and handmade at that.