Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday afternoon Josh and I bundled up the kids in their snowgear, and then he took them outside for some sledding. Meaning, of course, that Josh played the horse and pulled Alli and Blake in circles around the yard. He's the best Dad ever!

The first picture was taken just after they got outside. See!?... No snot running from their noses yet! Can you believe it was that dark out, and it was only about 4:15 pm? Stupid Idaho... stupid winter! ;) Oh, come on... I'm just teasing. All you Idahoans are probably freaking out on me right about now. You have to know I'm just kiddin' with ya... maybe. :)

It was so much fun to watch Josh playing with the kids outside, from inside the nice and warm house! :) Of course, I did have to tromp outside to take pictures every now and then, but braving the cold sure was worth it! ;) Hahaha, I know... I'm a wuss! Really, I would have been out there with them if Josh had found out where he put my boots last year, and if I hadn't had a messy kitchen to clean.

Anyways, Blake loved to be outside, just as long as Josh was holding him. Blake would cry as soon as he got set down, and he definitely didn't like the sled! Not at all. But whenever Josh tried to bring him in, Blake would just cry and want to go back out. He is such a strange little man.

Alli had tons of fun, and was pretty bummed when we told her it was time to come inside. She loved it out in the snow, and she even showed us that she knew how to make snow angels (though, I think they looked more like butterflies). I didn't even know that she knew what snow angels were! I'm always learning new things around here...

Alli even tried pulling Josh around the yard in the sled! It was hilarious!

I can't wait until we can ALL do it again! Next time, we'll just have to remember to head out BEFORE dark! Right Josh!? ;) Oh (as my Mom would say) "don't get your tinsel in a tangle" ... you know I love ya babe!


grammaDawn said...

That looks like so much fun, but way cold. Those are pretty cute little snow angels, I really must say. At least you're not at -14 like your cousins in CO. Brrrrrr! Now that's cold.

grammaDawn said...

Josh, do you know how fun that was for your kids? That is the best thing you can do, spend time playing......they will love you forever for times like this. I'm impressed, (if that's worth anything).

Stephanie said...

Your little family is so cute. How fun! Our husbands are such cute dads!