Monday, December 8, 2008

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Zoolights!

For Family Home Evening tonight we packed up all the kids (we missed you Alli girl) and went to Zoolights! Aunt Billie and Talia (her granddaughter) came, and Shelly (a family friend) and her girls too! It was pretty fun, and cold. If Blake would have been more cooperative, it would have been even better (for me)... but that's how life goes, I guess ;)
Anyways, we didn't see many animals cause it was night time, but the goats and insects were out - yuck! I wasn't too excited to see any insects, but it was fun to watch the kids look at the glow-in-the-dark scorpions! Those were awesome! The goats, and one sheep are in a little pen in the children's area. You can buy "goat" food (it looks like dog kibble) for a quarter and hand feed the animals there. Yay, goat slobber... blech! Grandma Dawn tried helping Blake pet one, and basically he had a melt down. He screamed like he was being tortured. Is that mean of me to think that it was hilarious? Well, it was... regardless. HAHAHA!
Different companies from all over the Tacoma area sponsor different light displays that are placed all over the zoo. It is pretty cool, and there are thousands upon thousands of lights used to make all of these displays. The kids just loved it!


grammaDawn said...

Fun times were had by all, until there were so many people you couldn't keep count of our own kidlets. Lucked out on weather too.

Bragbook said...

Ali misses you too we can not wait to see you Have a safe trip!!