Monday, December 1, 2008

Our extra freezer

I don't know if you know this, but we have a freezer in our garage where we keep all the stuff that can't fit into our fridge/freezer in the kitchen. Well, thanks to our plum tree and Josh shooting that elk, our freezer is bursting at the seems! I am so excited! We aren't going to have to buy steak or burger for the next year (at least)! Do you realize the money we are going to save?! WAHOO! Plus, with all that frozen plum juice we can make all the syrup and jelly we want! You can see that the top shelf of the freezer is full of steaks, roasts, and tenderloins, and then the second shelf is an even mix of plum juice (in front) and elk burger (in back). Then the third shelf is mainly all elk burger (and man, it is GOOD). I think there are a couple tubs of plum juice, too. Then the bottom shelf if more elk steaks and some salmon (not the store bought stuff - it's the real deal). Aren't I one lucky gal?! Let's just hope that our electricity doesn't go out for any prolonged period of time because then we're pretty much screwed!

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grammaDawn said...

Cwazy! That is amazing all that food. Now you have to make sure you have all the fixins for bread and pancakes to go with all that syrup and jam. Josh aint goin' hungry anytime soon, that's for sure.