Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's snowing. For reals this time!

Would you look at that?! Crazyness all around! It's frickin' freezing out too. Dang it. But I have to admit, the weather is really putting me in that "Christmas Spirit" type mood. wahoo.


grammaDawn said...

Boy, can you send some of that stuff our way........wait, we're supposed to get some of our own. Besides, ours only last a day or two, sometimes only minutes and that's OK!

grammaDawn said...

Wish you were here this weekend. Tonight was the boat parade and I couldn't get a good shot to save my soul. The boats were going too fast and it was too dark.....or whatever the problem was. There would have been some awesome shots if I would have known what to do, or maybe had a better camera. RATS! Guess you'll have to plan it right for next year.