Thursday, December 18, 2008

"I have a band-aid on my bum!"

Alli was walking around the house Sunday scratching at her bum. After watching this for awhile, I finally asked her what was wrong. Alli said that she put a band-aid on her bum. I totally blew it off, and was like "Ok. my daughter is weird." But then she just kept on scratching. And scratching and pulling and tugging on it. Finally, I had to ask her why she needed the band-aid, and where exactly did she put it. Well, curious as I was, I tugged down her pants and was super surprised to find, not a band-aid, but a panty liner stuck to her underwear - and stuck on in totally the wrong direction! She is such a goober, but I love her tons! Gator-bait... what would I do without you!?

Alli-girl, just wait a few more years, and then you'll hate having to wear those stupid things! They really aren't any fun at all! Promise.


grammaDawn said...

Princess band-aids on your arm are way better!

Stephanie said...

Bahahahhaaa! That's hilarious! At least it wasn't something a tampon?!! Alli girl, you're so cute and adorable!

Bragbook said...

This is so so funny to me! I used to have a boss that would always say "What did you have your maxi pad on upside down" if we were in a bad mood. He was a good friend as well so don't go thinking sexual harassment. Anyway that will be a good picture to laugh at later.