Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is on it's way!

Yesterday one of my good friends Kacey and I made some super cute Christmas shirts for our kids! All you need is: a sewing machine & thread, heat-n-bond lite (you can pick it up at wal-mart in the sewing/fabric department), and some fun embelishments (like buttons and embroidery floss) but only if you want. Then you just follow the heat-n-bond directions: iron fabric to heat-n-bond, cut out your desired shapes, iron them to your shirts (or whatever) and then sew around the edges of the shape to secure it to the fabric (otherwise it peels off over time & use). Then all you do is add your embelishments! It's so super easy and it turns out stinkin' cute! If you can work an iron, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, then you are totally on your way. If you can't work any of those, then come here and let me smack ya on the back of the head. I'll excuse you for not knowing the sewing machine (cause I just recently learned that one myself) but as for the others, there's just NO excuse! ;)

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grammaDawn said...

They are soo cute, jabob seetwart. On my way out, but anxious to see you tonight :-) Congratulations on the photo win. YEAHHHHH!!!!!