Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you want to buy me something for Christmas

Here's what I've got my eyes on (& wish I had my hands on)!!! If you want, you can buy me either one - or you could be my most favorite person in the whole wide world and buy me BOTH!!!! Wouldn't that be great!? ...No?! ...Why? You're not a millionaire? What?! Remind me why we're friends? Gosh dang... I need to find me a rich boyfriend who wants to show me his love by giving me expensive things! Where's one of those when you need him?! ...Edward? Ed-ward!? Bella may not want you to buy her expensive things, but you can buy me whatever you want (preferably the cameras though)!

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grammaDawn said...

While I'm up in Forks, next weekend, I'll try to find Edward and ask him if he wouldn't mind purchasing a little something for one of his many '#1 fans'. Course, he's never far from Bella, and she just may object. Well can't hurt to ask.