Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For my "blog-tarded" Mother!

Okay Mom... here are the steps for logging into your google account (so that you can leave me comments). PAY ATTENTION cause I'm only going to show you this ONCE! ;) You know I love you, but yeesh... do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?! HAHAHA... paybacks... hehehe! *wiping tears from my eye*

First things first:
make sure you are on http://www.blogger.com/

Step Number One (1):
click on the question mark next to "Password"

Step Number Two (2):
fill in your email address (I've typed it in for you, incase you forgot what it was)

Step Number Three (3):
type in the letters you see

Step Number Four (4):
go check your email!!!
Step Number Five (5):
Step Number Six (6):
Feel stoopid cause you can't remember your password and have to start all over again! (Sorry mom *hahaha hehehe hohoho* I just couldn't help myself *another tear*)

1 comment:

grammaDawn said...

You're the meanest girl I seen!