Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Plums, plums... get your plums here! Plums..."

Holy smokes have we got plums! I kid you not! It took me longer to boil a pot of water than it did for me (by myself) to pick this bucket of plums from just ONE of our TWO plum trees! CRAZY! What's worse is that you can't even tell I took any plums from the tree. YIKES!

No lie... if there is anyone out there who wants some plums for canning jam/jelly or whatever, please give me a call and then come pick some plums from my trees (no charge ;)! Please, and hurry! Now! Seriously, I'm waiting....

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leslie mae said...

Oh my goodness!! I totally want to come get some!!! I've never done plum jelly before. Is it as yummy as it sounds?! You'll have to remind me what your phone number is & where exactly you live; maybe we'll swing by... um hows tomorrow?!!!