Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Mommy... What's this for?"

When I am doing my hair, or putting on the occasional makeup, Blake will almost always follow me into the bathroom. And there he will find ways to entertain himself, because I am obviously occupied. Blake's favorite thing to do in the bathroom is to go through the cupboard and find random things to play with. Usually it's brushes, or my hairdryer. Well, yesterday he finally found my box of tampons. Great. He was able to destroy two before I found him with this one. I hope that this isn't some horrific sign of the future.

Therapist to mother
: "When did you first notice that your son liked to dress in womans clothing?" Mother to therapist: "Well, as far as I can figure it started with a box of tampons..."


Hieb Family said...

I told you last fall I left the kids in the car watching a movie while it did my visiting teaching. when i came out Easton waved hi to me with an applicator on all four fingers!:) You have to have those everywhere you go. It's the boy scout motto, be prepared.... maybe it should be the woman's motto! Women are always called to be scout leaders so maybe that is where it actually came from, a den mother/leader;)

Lacey said...

Oh my! That is hilarious.

Kelsey said...

Thats pretty funny! At least they are harmless right? Well sort of!