Friday, June 27, 2008

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker-Jacks!!!

Tonight we went to the Chukars baseball game... kids and all! It was so much fun, for the first part anyways. Blake tired out during the 3rd inning or so, and Alli got a little stir crazy at about the top of the 4th or 5th. I spent the entire game taking care of Blake while Josh and Alli watched the game. We went with Nana (Josh's grandma) and Uncle James and Aunt Amy (Josh's brother and his wife). The Chukars played the Casper Ghosts (how original) and lost 2-3. After the game, Alli got to run the bases with other kids who also went to the game. It was a fun experience for Alli, and now she asks to go to "the baseball game" all the time.


Hieb Family said...

Looks like they had fun!!! I know Easton loves those games too. I haven't been to the new field yet. I need to go.

KennaBrooklynDesigns said...

Oh HOW FUN!! I love baseball games. We have yet to take Kenna to a baseball game, but the other kids have been. Though Kenna has been to a hockey game. SO FUN!!