Thursday, June 19, 2008

Backyard Bliss

One of the reasons we bought this house was because of the big, fenced-in back yard. It is so much fun to come outside and play with the kids on the swings and have pic-nics in the grass, and do all of the fun summer-time stuff I did as a kid. First thing in the morning Alli always asks to go outside to the playground. If I would let her, she would be out there ALL day, literally!
Josh built Alli and Blake a big playground set with a "rock-climbing" wall, a large deck, swings and a slide. It is AWESOME! Even I can sit on the swings and go down the slide! I just bought Alli and Blake a pop-out pool, that they LOVE. Also, Auntie Neener bought Alli a Slip-and-Slide for her upcoming birthday. It's been fun trying to teach Alli how it works! I guess you could say that our backyard is "tricked out"!!! I'm lovin' all of the outside time, and so are the kids! Can you say TAN anyone!?


Bragbook said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited that you joined the blogging world!! You are right your back yard is awesome!!! I have to admit I am loving the pool.

Lacey said...

Hi Bree! I am so excited to see that you are a blogger now. It is so nice to be able to let the kids go outside and play. I did a happy dance when we got our fence last summer. It was the only thing that I insisted get done right away. Your kids are too cute. I love the story about the scissors. I wonder how long I will have before one of mine takes his or her turn with my scissors.

KennaBrooklynDesigns said...

How fun!! Wish we had a backyard like that!! Your blog is way cute!!