Friday, April 25, 2008

Road Trip!!!

A family friend was getting married, it was my Dad's AND my sister's (Chalynn) birthday, my brother-in-law (Christian) was getting baptised, and my sister (Justine) was in the process of moving to Washington with her husband and two boys. It was for all of these reasons that Josh and (mostly) I decided to load up the car and make the 12 + hour drive to Gig Harbor, Washington to stay with my family for a few weeks.

The drive up wasn't so bad, even though Blake was pushing teeth, and Alli was pretty stir crazy. They didn't get really out of control until about the last two hours of course, and then being in the car just got to be too much to handle. But all-in-all it was a surprisingly easy trip. I spent a lot of time crammed between the two carseats because Blake needed the entertainment... he didn't have a DVD player like lucky little Alli did! We sang songs, watched movies, listened to some music, the kids slept a little, and Josh just tried to stay sane as he drove the ENTIRE way! Apparently he doesn't trust my driving skills.

We took as many breaks as Josh's patience would allow (he just wanted to get to Washington as fast as possible) and had lost of snacks and treats. At one rest stop Josh took Alli to feed some ground squirrels. Alli got a kick out of that! On the downhill slide of the trip we bought some licorice at a gas station in some po-dunk town in eastern Washington. Alli and Blake LOVED it! The licorice held them over for quite a bit, but you can only feed a kid so much sugar, right!?

After about 14 hours in the car, we finally rolled into my Mom and Dad's driveway... stinky, tired and in dire need of some stretching and some serious sleep!

Next time, I think we'll fly! ;)

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